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Your young ones do not have to run and hide, the moment they hear that they are going to the dentist. At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, we believe every dental visit of your child should be fun and not scary. Our pediatric dentists are kids-friendly and gentle, which will make your child look forward to his/her next visit.

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What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry also is known as pedodontics refers to the branch of dentistry that deals with the dental health of infants, children, and kids in their teens. It is essential for children to get their milk teeth checked regularly because kid's teeth are more prone to dental caries and decay. Therefore, it is vital to bring your kids to a pediatric dentist for a proper check-up so that their teeth can be protected.

Preventive Maintenance

Although we insist that you should check your child’s oral health from an early age, sometimes there are things that cannot be helped. As soon as your child welcomes his/her first milk teeth, it is time to visit the pediatric dentist in Dubai. By doing this, you can prevent future dental problems to occur among your children. We normally refer to this as “preventive maintenance”.

We would suggest you book your baby’s dental appointment during the morning hours because it is the time when he/she is less fussy. In this way, the appointment will not conflict with your child's nap time, something we all know is very important to them. 

If your child enjoys his/her first appointment with our specialist pedodontist in Dubai, the chances are he/she will be looking forward to all future visits. Our aim is to provide your child with a pleasant experience and they don't get scared of the dental procedures.

What does check-up include?

During the dental visit, our kid's friendly dentists check the child’s gums and teeth to make sure everything is developing as it should be. They also examine the facial bone structure and any signs of teeth decay.

Some of the check-ups may include x-rays to make sure there are no hidden tooth decays. If your little munchkin sucks his thumb or any other finger, it will also be assessed. Your child will also undergo teeth cleaning, which will be done gently and carefully.

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Pediatric Dentistry Services

At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery®, we provide the following pediatric dental care services:

  • Preventive dental care
  • Oral assessment and evaluation
  • Habit counseling e.g. thumb sucking
  • Painless dental care
  • Dental injuries
  • Teeth strengthening
  • Straightening teeth
  • Painless dentistry
  • Laser Dentistry

Our pedodontist care is not limited to infants only but is available for toddlers and teenagers as well. Our team of experienced pediatric dentists provides a welcoming, safe and sound environment to your little ones to make them feel as comfortable as possible; from the beginning of the appointment to the end of the procedure.

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For more information on pediatric dental care at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery®, fill in the following form and we will book your appointment with one of our dental surgeons. We offer an initial consultation to our patients so that they can discuss their concerns with the specialist. Therefore, feel free to bring your kids for a dental check-up and we assure you that they will leave the clinic happily.


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